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One of a Kind Western Mustang II
In the design stage of a new automobile, there are numerous prototype vechicles created to determine the best look and feel for the final production. These prototypes can consist of full size clay models, simple drawings and in some cases, full size operational vehicles. Most of these prototypes are destroyed or reused once the final design is approved. Occasionally, one of these prototypes survives.

The Mustang II shown here is one of those rare vehicles that has survived.

This 1976 Mustang II was a market research vehicle designed to sell management on the idea of marketing a "Western" Mustang II to the public. Here are the specifics, according to the current owner Howard Delorme:
  • "One Off" market reserch vehicle designed to check Chevrolet competition
  • Transformed along with a pick-up at the Ford Design Center
  • Surveys in Denver, Dallas and Phoenix proved favorable, but Don Peterson's approval to construct 50 copies was axed by Red Poling citing high costs as unacceptable for production. All were re-worked to stock, except one - this one!
The car is in great, unrestored condition. Some of the design features of this "Western" Mustang II include: unique half roof similar to Ghia with tooled "leather" wrap and special western medallion; unique interior with tooled "leather" seats, door panels and dash; special steering wheel insert featuring the Mustang II symbol; unique shift knob and emergency brake handle; and special wheel inserts.

This is a great example of a Mustang II that "could have been." Enjoy these Mustang II Network exclusive photos and keep your eyes open, you never know what you might see on the road!

Full front view

Full rear view

Roof with wrap around

Roof wrap medallion

Wheel insert

Steering wheel insert

Seats and door panel

Rear seat
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