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South Side Machine Lift Bar installation     by Darryl Lang

The SSM Lift bars are a simple installation. The lift bars replace the shock mounts, rear sway bar mounts, and lower plate under the springs.

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Nice to know info:
They work with the rear sway bar
They totally eliminate wheel hop from axle wind up
They set the pinion angle to achieve less power loss to the wheels
They cause the rear springs to act stiffer and reduce understeer/promote oversteer
They can be ordered through Summit or Jeg's
They stopped my car from eating u-joints

To install:
Loosen the rear lug nuts
Jack the rear of the car up
Place jack stands under the forward spring perches and lower the car onto them
Remove both rear wheels
Remove the lower shock mounting bolts on both sides
Remove the rear sway bar mounting brackets, if applicable
Remove all 8 u-bolt nuts and remove the lower plate (use a penetrating lubricant!!)
Put the SSM Lift Bars in place and replace nuts on u-bolts.
Install shims and u-bolts to attach front of Lift Bars to the spring
Bolt shocks back on using supplied bolts and washers
Bolt the rear sway bar mounts on
Tighten all bolts and nuts
Put the wheels back on, lower the car, torque lug nuts
Go have some wheel hop free fun

I might as well have a disclaimer saying "Please don't hold me responsible if you screw up your car following my instructions."   The instructions are mainly here just to give an example of how impossibly easy it is to install these devices.  The only problem you'll probably encounter is removing the original u-bolt nuts.

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