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Parts Identification Sheets
Here you will find documents containing the original part numbers for the Mustang II. These documents, also known as "crash guides" list the part numbers and the hours required to replace the parts. The documents are images and can be viewed in two different sizes, 760 pixels wide (best for screen resolution 800x600) and 980 pixels wide (best for screen resolution 1024x768). The part sheets were provided by Rob Royster.

DescriptionImage width
Sheet 1 - front bumper, grille/front panel, front lamps, cooling, emission system, electrical760980
Sheet 2 - electrical (contd.), engine, air conditioning, hood, front fender760980
Sheet 3 - front suspension, wheel, steering components, frame, windshield, cowl & dash760980
Sheet 4 - cowl & dash (contd.), rocker panel, seat, front door, roof760980
Sheet 5 - roof (contd.), back window, quarter panel, quarter glass760980
Sheet 6 - quarter molding, luggage lid, rear body, fuel tank, rear suspension, rear lamp760980
Sheet 7 - rear lamp (contd.), rear bumper760980

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