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MSD Installation     by Darryl Lang

The MSD 6 series ignitions are a great way to improve spark efficiency in high performance street applications (high compression, NOS, turbo charging, supercharging).  The MSD 6 series ignition provides multiple sparks up to ~3000rpm on V8 applications, and a high energy spark for 20 of crank rotation above 3000rpm.   The MSD 6AL also provides a rev limiter that can be set using plug in "chips".  The 6A and 6AL generally sell for between $100 and $160 at local performance shops and mail order places such as Summit and Jegs.

Installation in a Mustang II ends up being pretty simple since the battery cooling duct is in the perfect location to protect the ignition box from heat and keep the wiring simple.

    MSD Ignition  hookup:
  1. Connect the Red wire to the Mustang II Red coil wire (+)

  2. Connect the White wire to the Mustang II Green coil wire (-)

  3. Connect the Orange wire to the positive (+) coil terminal

  4. Connect the Black wire to the negative (-) coil terminal

  5. Connect power (large red) directly to the battery

  6. Connect the ground wire to chassis ground

images/faq/msdwires.jpg (40365 bytes)

    MSD Tach Adapter hookup:
  1. Mount the Tach Adapter between the MSD box and the battery.

  2. Connect the white Tach Adapter wire to the Tach Output on the MSD box.

  3. Connect the red Tach Adapter wire to the red (Ignition) wire on the MSD.

  4. Connect the black Tach Adapter wire to ground

  5. Cut the green tach-coil wire from the original wiring harness

  6. Connect the violet Tach Adapter wire to the green tach wire cut in step 5

images/faq/msdtachadapt.jpg (57146 bytes)

For the ground, I used the welded in mount located directly forward of where I mounted the MSD box.  I used a short carburetor stud that happened to have the correct threads, and connected the Tach Adapter and MSD 6A box to the stud.

gndpos.jpg (9473 bytes)

The finished product:

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