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Mustang II Invoice Copies
A copy of the original invoice for your Mustang II is now available courtesy of Dale Rabe. Dale is the sole owner of the Ford copy of the factory invoice that was attached to the Mustang IIs when they were sold new. The copy is a high quality, color copy that will be suitable for framing and display with your car. The invoice is a great addition to any documentation you may have on your car and makes a wonderful display piece when showing your vehicle at car shows. Some judged shows will even award extra points for documentation such as this.

To purchase your invoice copy, please mail the following items to the address listed.
  • Name, Address and Phone number
  • A photocopy of your Mustang II title (for proof of ownership)
  • Money order in the appropriate amount made out to Dale Rabe

    There may be multiple invoices attached to your specific VIN if the car was shipped out to a different facility for options such as T-top, Motortown Cobra IIs and others. The invoices will be slightly different as a result. You will receive copies of all of the invoices for your car if multiples are present for the same $35 fee. You may order multiple copies of the same invoice(s) at the time of the intial order for $25 per copy.

    Multiple VIN orders will receive a $5 discount on each of the invoice copies (3 or more cars on the same order).

    As a special incentive, if your car is in the Mustang II Network Registry, you can purchase a copy of your invoice for $30 USD, a savings of $5. Your car must be registered PRIOR to your order for this special discount. Click HERE for registration information.

    Mail your items listed above to: Dale Rabe, PO Box 784, Belleville, Michigan 48112-0784

    For more information, contact us via email at or contact Dale directly at

    Personal checks and cash will not be accepted. Credit card payment information will be available soon. A copy of your title is required for reference and authentication purposes and will be kept confidential.

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