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Hooker Super Competition 351W swap header installation     by Darryl Lang

These are some pictures of Hooker's 351W Pinto swap headers.  They sell for between $350 and $400, and can be purchased through Summit or Jegs (they aren't listed in the catalogs).

hooker3.jpg (47812 bytes) headers2.jpg (20243 bytes) headers3.jpg (24907 bytes)

Both Hooker and Hedman sell headers for installing a 351W in a Mustang II.  The Hooker headers are from their Super Competition series and require cutting holes to the fender wells to route tubes.  Because of this, the battery must be relocated to the trunk.  The Hedman header run all 8 tubes under the front crossmember.  This reduces ground clearance and I've heard the motor mounts need modified too.

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