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FOX Seat Swap     by Darryl Lang

What you need:

3/8" Socket
1/2" deep socket
10mm socket
6" long 3/8" drive extension
3/8" ratchet
2X '79-'93 Mustang, Thunderbird, Cougar, Fairmont Seats (FOX Body)
2X '74-'78 Mustang II seats

To do the swap:

  1. I don't remember the socket sizes necessary to remove the FOX seats, but get yourself a pair of seats from a FOX body car.
  2. Remove the seat rails from the FOX seats using the 10mm socket on the 4 retaining bolts.

    IMAGE048.jpg (46260 bytes)

  3. Remove the stock Mustang II seats using a 1/2" deep socket to remove the 4 retaining nuts under the car.
  4. Remove the seat rails from the Mustang II seats using the 3/8" socket for the 4 retaining bolts.
  5. Clean and lubricate the Mustang II seat rails while they're easy to work on.

    IMAGE047.jpg (47184 bytes)

  6. Attach the Mustang II seat rails to the FOX seats using the original 10mm bolts.
    **It may be necessary to drill a starting hole for one or more bolts.  The soft plug will be there, but may not have a hole yet.

    IMAGE049.jpg (48308 bytes) IMAGE046.jpg (49052 bytes) IMAGE045.jpg (49924 bytes)

  7. Put the new seats back in the Mustang II and bolt the seats back in.

    IMAGE050.jpg (53240 bytes)

The only features of the FOX seat that will remain are:

adjustable side wings.
adjustable leg supports.
adjustable lumbar (electric in some).
tilt back as well as forward.

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