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Mustang IIs on Film
TitleCar TypeMediaPictures
48 Hours MultipleMovieNO
50 First Dates Tan GhiaMovie
90210 Black CoupeTVNO
Boyz in the HoodGhiaMovieNO
Bronco BillyHatchbackMovieNO
Cannonball Run White CoupeMovie
Challenger White CoupeTV MovieNO
Charlies Angels Cobra II & GhiaTV    
Cheech and Chong - Up in Smoke GhiaMovieNO
Death Car on the Freeway CoupeTV Movie
Degrassy Junior High HatchbackTVNO
Edward SissorhandsTan HatchbackMovieNO
The Executioner's SongCobra IIMovieNO
Fast Times at Ridgemont High Black and Orange Hatchback ?MovieNO
Friday Night Lights Cobra IIMovieNO
The Gladiator (1986) Red and White Cobra IITV Movie
Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera Black and White Cobra II ?Music Video 
Kuffs GhiaMovieNO
Light Blast White CoupeMovieNO
Mask (Cher) HatchbackMovieNO
Mary Tyler Moore show HatchbackTVNO
Miles From our Home - Cowboy Junkies Cobra IIMusic Video  
Mr. Mom Green HatchbackMovieNO
Mr. Ricco HatchbackMovieNO
Nash BridgesHatchbackTVNO
Over the Top HatchbackMovieNO
Quincy CoupeTVNO
Rockford Files HatchbackTVNO
Sheba Baby (Pam Grier)Red GhiaMovieNO
Sleeping in my Car - Roxette White 2+2Music Video      
Starman 77 Cobra IIMovie
Tell Me When To Go - E-40 GhiaMusic Video    
They Live CoupeMovie
Unstoppable (2004) Cobra IIMovieNO
Wayne's World HatchbackMovieNO
Where the Blacktop Ends - Keith Urban King CobraMusic Video    
Above photos provided by 77Sleeper

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