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Build Tag (Bucktag) Examples
San Jose tag
San Jose build tags contained some different codes when compared to Dearborn build tags. In the example above, the San Jose code for King Cobra was KNG and the Dearborn code was KC. Also, the San Jose tags had the code for the engine and transmission combination shown above as F6.

Dearborn tag
The Dearborn build tags do not contain the entire VIN number like the San Jose tags do. The year code is not present on the Dearborn tag either. The body style tag code matches the door tag code , for example, the Dearborn tag shown above has 69F indicating the 2+2 model. The San Jose has the 03F code, from the VIN, which also indicates a 2+2. The 4 digit number in the upper right hand side of the Dearborn tag is the consecutive unit number of the car going through the body shop on that day.
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