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Build Tag (Bucktag) Codes
This is an incomplete list of the misc "buck tag" codes. On cars assembled at the Dearborn plant, this tag can be found attached to the top, front of the radiator. On cars assembled at the San Jose plant, you can find this tag attached to the lower radiator bracket.

Codes specific to assembly plants will be indicated in the description - San Jose and Dearborn. Possible code descriptions are indicated by red color. Photo examples of Build Tags can be found HERE.
ABlack Interior
ALT High Altitude
AC Factory Air Conditioning
AT ????
AUTO Automatic Transmission
B Blue Interior
B GARD Bumper Guards
BORG Borg-Warner Transmission
CB Cobra Package - Dearborn
CBR Cobra Package - San Jose
CLOCK Quartz Clock
CR Chrome Rocker Trim
D Red Interior
DG Door Guards
DM Dual Mirrors (non remote)
DRM Dual Remote Mirrors
FDS Fold Down Rear Seat
FK ????
FLP Flip-up Sunroof
FULL Full Vinyl Top
(note: With the FULL code you will also have a color code for the top i.e. WHITE)
FV Full Vinyl Top - San Jose
FW Flip-out (pivoting) windows - San Jose
G Green/Avocado Interior
H Rear Window Defrost - San Jose
HB Rear Window Defrost (Heated Backglass)
HF Half Vinyl Top
(note: With the HF code you will also have a color code for the top i.e. CHAMO)
I WIP Intermittent Wipers
J Tangerine Interior
JP ????
K Aqua Interior
KC King Cobra - Dearborn
KF ????
KQ ????
KNG King Cobra - San Jose
L GP Light Group
L WRAP Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
LF Light - Fuel Monitor Warning
LU Luxury Package
MAC Mach 1 - San Jose
MAP Map Light
OD Odense Top (Ghia)
OPR Opera windows
PB Power Brakes
PS Power Steering
QH ????
QM Quarter Molding
RA Road Guard Abrasion - Dearborn
ROAD Road Guard Abrasion - San Jose
RM ????
SP Sports Performance Package
ST Stereo / Tape
SUN Sun Roof
SV ????
T Chamois Interior
TARGA T-top Roof - San Jose
THEFT Anti-Theft Package
TRF T-top Roof - Dearborn
TT Two Tone Paint
U Tan Interior
V Cream Interior
V8 302 V8 Engine
XC ????
XG Tinted Glass

San Jose bucktags also carry a code for the engine and transmission combination. For example F6 would be the 302 V8 with the 4 Speed Manual. See the Build Tag Examples page for details.

If you have any codes to add or feel that the ones included are incorrect, please email us.
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