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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

        (A preliminary list, including general interest, film and photo stories, and some of interest primarily to trade publications.)
  1. The "Magic Moment" when decision was made to go with a totally new Mustang for 1974. When and how did it happen? A chronology of key decisions can also be included.
  2. Mustang I - the original show car, a two-seater sports racer with midship engine - still in possession of Public Relations, located at Dearborn Steel Tubing. Had several advance concepts that will be embodied in the 1974 Mustang. Car is 10 years old, but very advanced.
  3. Mustang II - Second-generation experimental car, a two-plus-two, very similar to the first production Mustang (1965 model), but still dramatic in appearance. Car is at Dearborn Steel Tubing. Especially valuable now for "teaser" copy and photographs if the name Mustang II is adopted for the 1974 car.
  4. Ford Listens Better - Letters from Mustang-lovers suggesting we go back to the original size. "Ford Listens" turned up letters like the following: "I would like to see the Ford Motor Company take the Mustang back to the original always seems when you people have a good thing, you over-improve on it." Another: "I'd just like to say that I and a great many of my friends, who are Mustang lovers, are becoming disenchanted with our favorite little car, which is physically becoming much too big." Idea is to work with such letters - and with letters from people who suggested the Mustang concept 10 years ago - to show how Ford is responding to public demand with the Mustang.
  5. "Price Shock" - Surveys show people surveyed in the styling clinics have over-estimated the 1974 Mustang price by up to $1,000, much as they did with the original Mustang. Build high-perceived-value story around this.
  6. Growth of the small, luxury car market. Mustang started all this, and it's become a phenomenon of our time. People buying down in size, up in luxury.

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