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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

        The following is intended as a working outline of planned public relations activities before, during and after public introduction of the 1974 Mustang. It is anticipated that other activities will be added or substituted. Detailed proposals on major programs and their timing will be presented to management as they are developed.
  • Confidential Background Briefings: A series of confidential briefings of key editorial and advertising representatives of national publications and networks is planned for the first quarter of 1973. Hopefully, a fitting stage setting can be devised - in the Ford Division Auditorium or another convenient location - for confidential showing of the car under optimum lighting and viewing conditions.
    An illustrated presentation will be prepared, featuring market background on the car, its demographics, and, depending on the outcome of market research studies, its possible appeal to various psychological types, as noted above.
  • Styling Car Showings: If a show car somewhat approximating the 1974 Mustang is commissioned and created, it would be introduced at a leading automobile show, for example the New York International Auto Show in April. This show annually attracts substantial press coverage. Introduced under a code name other than Mustang, the car unquestionably would lead to speculation regard the production 1974 Mustang. Carefully selected points of emphasis could be built into it to heighten curiosity about the new car without disclosing details.
  • Announcement of a New Car: An announcement by top Ford Motor Company management of plans to build a new Mustang, and of the name Mustang II if approved, would be made well in advance of public introduction. One ideal platform would be the annual Ford Stockholders Meeting on May 10.
  • Technical Press Information Book: This confidential book primarily would include Mustang engineering details, illustrations and photo for eventual release to publications like Motor Trend. The book also would include technical information on matters not usually in a tech book, - Lima Engine Plant changes to produce 2.3 engine...Dearborn Assembly Plant's becoming an 85 per cent new plant for Mustang production. The book would be prepared much earlier than usual - in February - for confidential background briefings for visiting newsmen. The book would be done in three-ring binder format to allow substitution of updated information.

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