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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

        Ford Division Public Relations will attempt to make use of all media in telling the Mustang story. But more emphasis will be placed on electronic media with this car than with the original Mustang.
        A prime reason for this is the increasing reliance of American families - particularly young families - on electronic media for their news. The media targets will include:
  • Television and radio stations - Assistance of the Film and Electronic Communications Department of Public Relations Staff will be enlisted in bringing the Mustang story to the public through individual station news departments and, through them, to network attention. TV and radio newsmen also will be invited to a national news conference, and will receive early film on Mustang's development for showing on "special" programs.
  • Networks - Television and radio news departments will be contacted directly, as well as indirectly through affiliates, as will be detailed below.
  • General interest magazines - Early efforts will be made to gain the attention of editors and publishers of national publications, with special attention to developing cover story possibilities.
  • Automotive publications - Individual magazines will be visted early in 1973 with the goal of obtaining cover stories and feature articles on the new Mustang. A special long-lead press conference will be planned primarily for these publications.
  • Newspapers - Auto editors will be prime recipients of "teaser" mailings and, along with radio and TV newsmen, will make up the major attendance at a National News Conference.
  • Wire services - The Associated Press and United Press International will be given close attention for possible placement of major feature articles on the market for the new car and, at introdction time, its impact on the American scene. Other syndicated services and newspaper feature services also will be given exclusive photo features and other "teaser" copy.
  • Company publications - Support of Ford World, The American Road and Ford dealer magazines will be enlisted to bring the new Mustang story to Ford employees and dealers. Stories and photos of supplied components will go to publications of supplying tire companies, etc., to show their employees the part they are playing with this significant new car.
  • Miscellaneous - Business and financial editors, weekly newspapers and Sunday supplements also will be given story ideas and supporting information.

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