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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

        An aggressive public relations program in support of sales of the 1974 Mustang will be implemented throughout 1973. It will have top priority among programs planned for the year by Ford Division Public Relations. It also will have the support of Public Relations Staff, North American Automotive Public Relations, and the latter's regional public relations offices.


        Objectives of the program will include:
  • To build public interest in the 1974 Msutang - approaching, if possible, the interest aroused for the original Mustang in 1964.

  • To have interest in the new car reach its peak on introduction day, with minimum distraction from other division and company products.

  • To stir as much advance curiosity about the car as possible without impairing sales of the 1973 Mustang.

  • To position the new Mustang accurately in the minds of media viewers and readers as a fine, small, sporty car clearly differentiated from other division and company products.

  • To establish the car as a new import fighter - a new domestic entry in the growing "low specialty" market where import sales have been increasing rapidly.

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