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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

The 1974 Mustang has many strong points:
  • An exciting name and mystique
  • A "generation" name after it
  • A role to play as import-fighter
  • Fine quality
  • High perceived value at a modest price
  • Interesting new dimensions
  • Good handling, quiet ride
  • Contemporary design
It has only a few possible problem areas:
  • Strong competition from imports
  • Price sensitivity
  • Same approximate size as stablemate Pinto
  • Slight overweight condition and rear legroom pinch
Principally to take advantage of the car's strong points, the following recommendations are made:
  • Name: The suggestion put in writing on August 7, 1972, by North American Automotive Operations Public Relations that the new car be called Mustang II has high merit. As the 10th Mustang, the new car is subject to being accepted as just another model year if it is simply called the 1974 Mustang. On the other hand, a name like Mustang II in itself would serve to communicate the idea of a new generation of Mustangs, and would spark interest on the part of the press and the public.

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