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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

  1. Weight and size - Although the Mustang's new dimensions, in comparison with the 1973 model, provide a strong story line, the fact that it is nearyl 150 heavier than the 1965 Mustang makes it slightly less a performer, and its shorter wheelbase (96.2 vs. 108 inches) had made it a cloer-coupled car, with slightly (1.2 inches) less rear legroom than the orignal.

       Taking advantage of the points of strength listed above, several important "public relations platforms" can be identified in planning for the 1974 Mustang's introduction. The principal ones follow:
  • Capitalize on the Mustang's name and mystique. The name Mustang is a valuable asset for Ford Motor Company. In itself, the name connotes unbridled excitement. Ford attached it to a car which, as a communicator in its own right, aroused people's emotions from the time of its introduction. The car-buying public perceived something unique, genuine, fine and attractive in the original Mustang. Even if that perception has bee dimmed to some degree by the car's own evolution and the advent of competition, the Mustang aura is of too recent vintage to be far from public consciousness. That aura or mystique can be a key to public acceptance of the 1974 Mustang.
  • Re-establish the "Mustang Generation". The car that was one of the first products designed to take advantage of the "youth market" of the 1960's also helped develop the pervasive youth movement. "The Mustang Generation" was identified by the press early in the car's career. It is a "generation" in spirit rather than in actual age, since it spans several segments of the population. The youth movement continues today, and the amorphous "generation" attributed to Mustang is as much a reality now as ever. The opportunity remains for Mustang to re-stake its claim to what is best in the youth movement.


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