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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

       It has several key advantages - each of which represents a major story line from a public relations point of view. This is what the new Mustang has working for it.
  1. It has an exciting name, and a mystique surrounding that name.
  2. A "generation" was named for it.
  3. It is the new American import fighter.
  4. It is a truly fine, small, sporty car built in the manner of the world's greatest road cars.
  5. It has high perceived value at a modest price.
  6. It has interesting new dimensions.
  7. It is a nimble, good-handling, unusually quiet car.
  8. Its contemporary design - with two body styles - appeals to a broad range of tastes.
       The new Mustang also has certain disadvantages or problem areas that will need special attention. They are:
  1. A crowded marketplace - Unlike the first Mustang, the '74 will face formidable competition, principally from small, sporty imports, sales of which have increased dramatically, as detailed in the Automotive Times section above. Its chief domestic rival is expected to be the Vega GT, whose sales also were charted above.
  2. Price - While its price story can be advantageous, as detailed below, there is a possible disadvantage if current economics should force the 1974 Mustang's base price above that of the comparable 1973 car, which is nearly 19 inches longer and almost 500 pounds heavier.
  3. Design - While its design is contemporary and has well-tested appeal, it is not as different as might be expected of a new offering, and the profile of the fastback in particular is somewhat suggestive of Pinto.


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