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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

       The 10th Mustang, as did the first, offers Ford Division a rare opportunity to create public excitement with a new product.
       To top the fervor that accompanied the first Mustang's introduction may be impossible in the more crowded and sophisticated marketplace of the 1970's.
       But to attempt to approach it is a challenge worthy of the division's finest efforts.

       The new Mustang should be the top automotive story of 1973. Its closest rivals for press attention are expected to be:
  • Continuing interest in the Wankel engine
  • A new large Mercedes
  • A new Buick Intermediate-sized car
  • A new American Motors Matador
  • New Chrysler Corporation full-size cars - Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler
  • The Cougar, newly positioned as an intermediate-size specialty car.

       However, none of these has the possibilities of the new Mustang for catching the public fancy.
       The new Mustang will stand alone at its introduction time as a new U. S. entry in the growing, sporty, small-car market that lacks an exciting domestic entry.
       It will stand out as the new American pace-setter among fine, small sporty cars of the world.


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