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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future
  • An electrical Ford Sensor System will be on Mustang and other Ford products in '74. It will provide quick and efficient problem detection in several high-frequency-of-repair areas. The system will indicate any problems when the car is brought to a Ford dealership for service, and after service will show that the problems have been eliminated.
  • Shoulder belts will be inertia type. The belt system senses vehicle deceleration. If the driver or passenger moves forward quickly on his own, to adjust the radio, for instance, the system will not lock. It will only lock when the vehicle decelerates very quickly - during braking or impact. The inertia reel will be used on all Ford products in '74. Both the seat belt retractor and the shoulder harness retractor will be concealed in the rocker panel to improve appearance and make more convenient the entry and exit of rear seat passengers.
  • The optional air conditioning system will be similar to that of larger Ford products - it will include a suction throttling valve. Whereas the present Mustang's air conditioner clicks on and off periodically, this valve now will cause the compressor to run steadily - thereby eliminating the annoying clicking sound.

       The 1974 Mustang is an extremely fine, small car with sporty exterior design, luxurious interior touches, nimble handling, and a number of European cues throughout.
       The car is fun to drive - whether for its handling abilities or for its quiet, smooth boulevard ride. Mustang features a high degree of craftsmanship - tremendous attention to detail rarely seen in any automobile, foreign or domestic.
       Mustang is also a tremendous value for its purchase price. Marketing survey respondents have guessed its price as much as $1,000 above the actual figure.
       The car's interior, with tasteful woodgrain and other luxury touches, deserves much of the credit for the over-price estimates. Designers were asked to create the most beautiful automobile interior they could. Their final product has been rated by early viewers as one of the most attractive Ford has ever produced.

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