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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

       There was a cost-saving commonality between models now. Even the doors of the hatchback and notchback were made identical - a difficult designing feat.
       After the car was approved, it was put through the Design Center's Feasibility Studio. At this point manufacturing and assembly people determine if what has looked so good to so many is feasible for real-world production lines.
       Engine cooling proved a problem. The front end of the Mustang was attractive but the front bumper was blocking needed air from reaching the engine compartment. Solution: carve air intake openings into the front valance panel to allow air from below as well as above the bumper.
       The original taillights had great visual appeal, but they also looked vulnerable. The were dropped to the lower back modesty panel.
       "No one man designed the '74 Mustang," Mueller said. "It was a team effort. The efforts of the L-M designers resulted in the 30 per cent of the work needed to sell this car to management. After that the Ford Design office took over for the remaining 70 per cent of the job.
       "Management, too, showed extra interest in this all-new offering," said John J. Telnack, executive designer of the Ford Design Studio. "John Naughton, for example, was concerned especially that the interiors be first-rate. He didn't want the base car to look base. Gene Bordinat also spent many hours personally watching over our efforts."
       Efforts by top designers, modelers and management resulted in the design of a '74 Mustang which "caused the kind of excitement I haven't seen around this company since the birth of the first Mustang," Telnack said.


       One of the main objectives in bringing the all-new 1974 Mustang to market was that it must embody an especially high degree of engineering excellence. To achieve this goal, engineers turned their attention to five main areas of development.

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