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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

       Meanwhile, Ford Division's share of the market rose from 20 per cent in April to 22.5 in September, and Ford Motor Company's share from 23.9 per cent to 27.1. In the years preceding Mustang, Ford's per cent of a growing industry had shrunk from 28.53 per cent in 1961 to 24.87 in 1963.
       Ford Division estimated that only about half of Mustang's sales were "cannibalized" from other Ford products. The other half came from competitors.
       Fifty-three per cent of trade-ins for Mustangs were non-Ford products. Seventy per cent more Chevrolets were traded for Mustangs than for older Ford lines. Five times as many foreign cars were traded for the Mustang as for other Fords.
       When the car was one year old, Ford Division Public Relations staged birthday parties in 10 cities to celebrate its first-year sales record. The principal party was New York, in the product salon at the Ford World's Fair Pavilion where the Mustang had been unveiled to the press a year earlier.


       From its inception, the Mustang had an unprecedented emotional impact on the motoring public. Even before introduction, Ford Division received letters from would-be customers asking if the company would build and sell a car like the experimental Mustang I or the show car, Mustang II.
       Their expectations were high, stimulated by a well-timed program of advance publicity.
       When the public finally saw the car first-hand, it was a classic cas of love at first sight. Love letters followed - more than 4,000 during the first spring and summer - from people who couldn't resist sitting down to write about how Mustang had influenced their lives and those of their families and friends.
       Such personal identification witha product is both rare and precious. The intial outpouring of affection brought with it a wealth of goodwill toward Ford Motor Company, its management and its products.
       Ford was quick to capitalize on the unprecedented emotional appeal generated by Mustang. It changed the early advertising approach and produced a series of commercials with high appeal to emotion as well as to intellect.


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