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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future

       In the meantime, merchandising and sales promotion programs also were readied well in advance of intro day.
       The first objective was to convey the Mustang enthusiasm felt at Ford to all of the division's dealers and salesmen. Live stage shows were held for dealers in 13 cities, and an hour-long film was shown to salesmen in 37 district cities.
       National promotional plans placed major emphasis on exposing the car quickly to as many people as possible.
       Mustangs went on display in 15 major airport terminals from New York to San Francisco, and at more than 70 high-traffic locations, such as bank lobbies and shopping centers. Two-hundred Holiday Inns displayed Mustangs in their lobbies or near their main entrances.
       Division executives made speeches in most large cities, with 25 persons in each audience receiving the loan of a Mustang for a week.
       Businesses all over America wanted Mustangs for tie-in promotions with their products, or as contest prizes.
       Mustang was off and running.


       The birth of the Mustang in 1964 was reported as news by press, radio and television in perhaps greater detail than any other commercial product introduction in history.
       Members of the task force that brought the Mustang to market speak of the supporting public relations effort as "extraordinary" and of the job done as "the single best ever."
       The men who headed the PR effort were quick to give credit to other activities. One commented, "The Mustang was a success, in the press as elsewhere, because thousands of other people in the company - product planners, market researchers, stylists, engineers, production specialists, accountants, purchasing agents, salesmen, and of course top management, gave us the kind of products and programs that were of real news value, and which we could present to the newspapers and magazines and wire services and radio and television stations with pride and confidence.
       "Only after all these people had taken whatever action was necessary to insure a winner, could public relations...exploit what had been accomplished."

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