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74 Mustang - Young Car With a Tradition and a Future
       From the date of approval of funds to "kick off" the engineering program, September 10, 1962, to "Job 1" there remained 18 months less one day. It was an unheard-of assignment in the auto industry.
       During this period the "battle of the inches" normally pits designers determined to see their vision transformed into metal intact against engineers just as determined to make changes necessary for manufacturing feasibility.
       With Mustang, the battles were skirmishes at most.
       "This car was peculiar," a Ford Division man recounted. "It excited everybody who worked on it. Everybody wanted to preserve the design."
       Oros said later that no previous car ever had been so little changed from original design to production model. The Mustang received awards for design excellence from Tiffany & Co. and from the Industrial Design Institute.


       The market for the original Mustang had been discovered early by Ford Division's market researchers. It has been described as "a market searching for a product."
       Six weeks after its introduction, the Mustang moved to the number one spot among compact cars and to the number seven spot among all nameplates. It was to move even higher - to third place behind the full-size Ford and Chevrolet at one point.
       Its marketing was clearly a success. It also broke new ground.
       The marketing of the Mustang was interwoven with its product planning in an unprecedented fashion. Key planning decisions shaped the marketing plan. One such decision was to go with a single series with one name - it turned out to be Mustang - rather than try to glamorize the more luxurious or the sportier versions of the car with special series names as was the custom in the industry.
       Iacocca developed the idea of the different faces of Mustang.
       1) The sound, good-value, base Mustang
       2) The luxury Mustang
       3) The sporty Mustang

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