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171 V6 TO 351w V8 CONVERSION IN 1976 COBRA II     by Chris Pasternak


  1. 1970 351w (rebuilt)
  2. 1977 Mustang II c4 Automatic Transmission (rebuilt)
  3. 1978 Mustang II V8 radiator (new)
  4. 1976 Mustang II Automatic Transmission Shifter (used)
  5. 1976 Mustang II Frame Rail to Motor Mount Steel ear (used)
  6. 1976 Mustang II V8 Water Inlet (90 degrees ) for Intake Manifold (used)
  7. 1977 Mustang II V6 4 Speed drive shaft Minus Front Yolk (used)
  8. 1977 Mustang II V8 c4 Front Yolk (used)
  9. 1978 Mustang II V8 Radiator Hoses (new)
  10. 1977 Mustang II V8 Motor Mounts (new)
  11. 1977 Mustang II V8 Starter (new)
  12. 1978 Thunderbird Distributor (Durasparc) (used)
  13. 1986 Ford Econoline air snorkel inlet (used)
  14. 1965 1971 289, 302, 351w Flexplate Small (new)
  15. New Ford Motorsport 351w Oil Pan (modified)
  16. New Electric Fuel Pump
  17. New Electric Fan
  18. New South Side Machine Shop Sub Frame Connectors
  19. New Battery Tray
  20. New 29 Series Battery
  21. New 20 Battery Cable (positive)
  22. New 20" Battery Cable (negative)
  23. New U-joints to fit (keep old ones from shaft and new yolk for reference)


  1. Remove Drive shaft
  2. Remove Radiator
  3. Disconnect hoses and wiring
  4. Drain Oil
  5. Undo Motor and Transmission Mounts
  6. Remove Engine and Transmission
  7. Clean Engine Compartment
  8. Remove Battery box
  9. With a Large hammer Make about 2" of clearance on right side lower inner fender where it meats up with frame rail.
  10. Clean Engine Compartment Again
  11. Install Frame To Motor Mount Steel ear
  12. Mask off car so you can paint Engine compartment
  13. Paint engine compartment
  14. Rebuild Engine and Transmission
  15. Customize Ford Motorsport Oil pan: Use 2" Thick Walled Pipe and Large Hammer to Roll out the Radius on the pan about 1" where the pan makes its bend for the sump area. When you think it is done hit it about 5 more times.
  16. Attach Pan to Engine
  17. Install engine in car noting that you may need large hammer for any final fit problems.
  18. Install Transmission
  19. Install Starter
  20. Mount Carburetor
  21. Mount Pulleys, Alternator, and Power Steering Pump.
  22. Install Radiator
  23. Install Electric Fan
  24. Install Electric Fuel Pump Close to Tank
  25. Install New Battery box in Spare Tire Well
  26. Drill 2 Holes, and grommet them, for battery cables
  27. Run Cables from well to front of car using tie downs
  28. Attach Positive to Starter Solenoid
  29. Attach Negative to frame rail
  30. Attach Ground Strap From Frame Rail to Engine Block
  31. Install New Battery in New box (do not hook up Cables)
  32. Attach Heater Hoses
  33. Lengthen wires For Coil to Reach Front of Engine
  34. Move Durasparc box to front of engine compartment (stay in reach of Wires)
  35. Hook up wiring
  36. Install upper and lower radiator hoses
  37. Hook up Needed Vacuum lines
  38. Recheck And Hook up an loose Wires or Hoses
  39. Hook up Fuel Lines
  40. Hook up Carburetor Linkage
  41. Install New U-joints and c4 Yolk on 4 Speed Drive Shaft
  42. Install Drive Shaft
  43. Install Van Snorkel to Valance so that the Round end dumps cold air on the oil filter
  44. Change Oil
  45. Fill Transmission
  46. Fill Power steering
  47. Recheck everything twice!! Fluids, Bolts, Hoses, Wires, and Everything else you can think of.
  48. Hook up Battery Cables
  49. Try to Start it!!

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