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In 1977, two-door models got a new horizontal grille while all SportsRoof Mustangs came with a blacked-out grille.

SportsRoofs were also upgraded by the addition of a standard sport steering wheel, sytled steel wheels with raised white letters, bias belted tires and brushed aluminum instrument panel appliques. Hardtops came with pecan-colored woodgrain appliques.

A new interior option was the four-way adjustable seats. These were adjustable for height in addition to forward and back. The seatback was still non-adjustable.

The front spoiler used on the Cobra II was available on all SportsRoofs as a no-cost option.

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The moonroof was deleted but the regular manually-controlled sunroof remained. A flip-up open air roof was also available. It either flipped up in the rear, or could be removed completely.

1977 was the first year for the T-roof option, consisting of removable roof panels, but it was only available on the three-door models.

The Appearance Decor Group, not available on the Ghia or the Mach 1, included lower body Tu-tone paint treatment, pin stripes, four styled steel wheels with trim rings, all vinyl or cloth and vinyl seat trim, and brushed aluminum instrument panel appliques. Wheel lip moldings were deleted.

Available only on hardtops was the Exterior Accent Group, consisting of pin stripes, wide color-keyed vinyl insert bodyside moldings, WSW tires, dual sport mirrors and four styled steel wheels with trim rings.

Complementing the Rallye Package was a Rallye Appearance Package, available only on the three-door. It was primarily a blacked-out treatment.

The Sports Performance Package consisted of the 302 ci V-8 engine, four-speed manual transmission, power steering and brakes, and 195/70R WSW tires.

Available only on the Ghia was the unique Ghia Sports Group. It consisted of black or tan exterior paint, chamois or black half-vinyl roof, vinyl insert bodyside moldings, pin stripes, luggage rack with black or chamois hold-down straps with bright buckles, lacy spoke aluminum wheels with chamois painted spokes and blacked-out grille. In the interior, the Ghia seat trim was finished in chamois with black upper straps on the seatbacks, black engine-turned applique inserts on the instrument panel, console tray-door, trim panel inserts, console, leather-wrapped steering wheel, black shift lever with manual transmission and black parking brake handle.

The Ghia Silver Luxury Group was deleted for 1977.

Performance image duties were still handled by the Mach 1 and SportsRoof with the Cobra II package. Two additional stripe colors, red and green, were available on the white Cobra IIs. All 1977 and later Cobra IIs were built by Ford. The Cobra II production total for 1977 was 11,948.

California-bound 2.8L V-6s and 302 ci V-8s were equipped with a new Variable-Venturi carburator design.

The cast aluminum spoke wheels were deleted. Lacy spoke wheels in natural or painted white became options.

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