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The 1976 Mustang II continued with few changes. Most options and packages were carried over from 1975.

Base Mustang models with the 2.3 were all classified as MPG models, stressing their economy features.

The 2.8L V-6 was now available with an automatic transmission, at extra cost.

A wide ratio four-speed manual transmission became available on the 302 V-8.

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The Stallion Group, coinciding with similar offerings on the Maverick and Pinto, was strictly a cosmetic package. It included black greenhouse moldings and wiper arms, black grille (horse grille emblem deleted), black rocker panels, lower fenders, lower doors, lower front and rear bumpers, and black lower quarter panels. Also included were four styled steel wheels, bright lower bodyside moldings and Stallion decals. The wheel lip moldings were deleted.

The Cobra II modification package was installed by Motortown Corporation. It included: a front air spoiler, rear deck lid spoiler and simulated hood scoop; quarter window louvers with "snake" emblems; accent stripes on front spoiler, hood, roof, rear deck, rear deck spoiler and lower bodyside panels; "snake" emblems on the fenders and wheel centers; and a "snake" emblem on the blacked-out grille.

A total of 25,259 Cobra IIs were produced in 1976.

Paint schemes were white with blue stripes or black and gold stripes. All Mustang engines were available, but it was the 302 V-8 that helped fulfill the promises made by the Cobra II package.

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